Sleep and menopause

My personal Journey through Menopause

I was forced to retire early 5 years ago after 36 years of nursing, the majority of which was spent in paediatric and neonatal intensive care units. I loved my job and the incredible team of nurses and doctors I've worked with for over three decades. Unfortunately, I had to give it all up owing to the early onset and devastating physical and mental symptoms of menopause. Every woman is affected differently by menopause, and for some, it is a relatively painless shift in their lives. A considerably bigger amount, though, endure a life-altering set of experiences. This change in a woman’s body is primarily controlled by the change in hormone levels, more specifically the decline of oestrogen.

My personal experience was traumatic. I had become a nervous wreck. I couldn't concentrate, sobbed at the drop of hat, shook uncontrollably, couldn't sleep, and had blazing hormone flushes that felt like I was on fire! My family thought I was going insane. Every day, I went through mood swings and a complete personality change. I realise that my circumstances may have been extreme, but I was not alone as there are so many women who suffer in silence.

My GP tried hormone replacement therapy, but I found out that generic pills did not work for me, and only tailored treatment had a proper effect to a certain extent.  I was also on anti-depressants and sleeping pills, these just zombified me.

I had to leave my position as an ICU nurse because I felt I was no longer competent to work, and that was the end of my career. I felt worthless and as if I were a burden.

My partner and I finally went to see a relationship counsellor as he were struggling to cope with me. This horrible phase lasted approximately 2 and half years and I count myself so fortunate that my family stuck by me.

Still suffering from some symptoms but not so emotional I decided I would try and find some natural remedy to help. I was still not sleeping, I had restless leg syndrome, hot flushes and bouts of depression.

I researched and tested lots of solutions to ease my ongoing symptoms, but I couldn't find anything with the right degree of potency and effectiveness, so I decided to create my own formula

I didn't want to experiment in the dark; instead, I wanted to make sure that anything I created was effective, safe, and credible, so I enrolled in an aromatherapy degree programme as well as a course on how to safely formulate creams. Using only natural ingredients, no nasties, pure therapeutic essential oils and butters I made a magnesium night-time cream (not butter) which would help me with my sleeplessness and restless leg syndrome.  I finally got this; I formulated my magic cream!

Did you know magnesium is responsible for hundreds of chemical reactions in our bodies and human levels start to decline in our 20s.  We no longer get the required supplements from our food as it does not contain the nutrients it did a few years ago. One of the things that magnesium does is power the mitochondria in our cells to provide energy to our body. This helps among other reactions to revitalise muscles and prevent cramping. Magnesium has also been clinically proven to help depression and anxiety. Combining it with essential oils Lavender and Ylang Ylang which aid calm and gently relax your muscles and brain I found I had a cream that really helped me relax and get a good night’s sleep. It is applied to the soles of the feet before bed. Magnesium chloride is a salt and can be abrasive to the skin, so the soles of the feet and the calves are an excellent area for application. This way it will absorb up to 5 times faster than taking a pill supplement.

It has taken 2 years to perfect the creams and I have had such good feedback from both men and women who have used it for anxiety and sleep issues.

It helped me immensely and to finally get a sleep and wake up feeling energised and ready to cope with the day is a huge mental boost.

I have also formulated an unscented cream that is for daytime use. It is silky smooth and can be used on the body. It can help with tired muscles, after a workout or just ease cramps. 

I have found that replacing what mother nature is taking away from you is difficult but there are ways to combat the loss and I hope the creams will make a difference and help predominantly women through one of the toughest times of their lives – their menopause.

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